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The Program In Action


Appalachian Basin GPA Midstream Chapter provides scholarships each year to help support students of local universities that are sincerely interested in the Midstream Industry. These scholarships are granted to further potential and possibility for the future of gas processing. Funding for each year’s recipients is made possible by company sponsorships, donations, and fundraisers such as annual golf tournaments and sporting clay events. The scholarship program is aimed at juniors and seniors within the engineering departments at regional universities such as: West Virginia University, Stark State College, Marietta College, West Virginia Northern Community College, Pittsburgh Technical College, Westmoreland County Community College, Community College of Beaver County, Slippery Rock University, University of Pittsburgh, Pierpont Community & Technical College / Alderson Broaddus University.


The committee is comprised of the following, all of which hold current positions as directors of ABGPA Midstream:

  • A Chairperson
  • An Alternate Chairperson
  • A minimum of one additional Committee Member


ABGPA's dedicated Scholarship Committee's primary purpose is to:

  • Raise student awareness of the ABGPA scholarship program on recipient campuses
  • Raise midstream industry awareness with engineering faculty & student populations
  • Provide secondary benefits, such as networking opportunities with GPA members, etc.
  • Solicit student applications for scholarship award consideration
  • Review applications and essays and provide a candidate recommendation list to the Board
  • Award scholarships based on the recommendation of committee and scoring criteria, which include students who’s academic and extra-curricular activities demonstrate a desire to succeed, a commitment to making a positive contribution to others, and whose application substantiates the minimum requirements.
  • Inform successful candidates of the award and invite them to the ABGPA regional conference for recognition
  • Issue scholarship checks to the student’s registered University before the following semester


The Scholarship Committee meets as necessary and may arrange their meetings in concert with the regularly scheduled director’s meetings. The general schedule for affecting the Scholarship Committee is as follows:

January: Send letters to 4-year college department heads requesting candidates to apply.
February: Announce program details and open application period/deadlines.
May: Official application submission deadline (May 31st).
July: Applicant review, recommendation made to the board, board approval of recipients.
August: Scholarships announced/awarded, recipients invited to a future ABGPA event for recognition.




Requirements for Eligible Applicants:

1.  Student must demonstrate a strong interest in joining the oil & natural gas midstream industry.
2.  Student must currently be enrolled as a full-time student (12 credit hr min.) at a partner school or school within the Appalachian region (Scholarship Committee will determine if the student from the non-partner school qualifies after receipt of application) and at least in the second year of a two-year or four-year undergraduate degree program with a focus on the oil & gas industry.
3.  Current members and students who are ABGPA Midstream members must be in good standing and have held a membership for at least one year prior to applying.
4.  Sponsored students of ABGPA Midstream members must be a child, stepchild, grandchild, sibling, spouse, or niece/nephew.
5.  The student must possess a grade point average of 2.8 or greater on a 4.0 scale. Proof or verification of GPA may be requested by the Scholarship Committee.
6.  The student must be a US Citizen.​

Scholarship applications must be emailed to before midnight May 31st. Simply click the application link and save the fillable PDF to your computer before completing it. Then attach the completed application to your email. Reference letters must be emailed directly from the reference to the email address above. The ABGPA Midstream Scholarship Committee will review the applications and award by August 1st.